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When Did Your Overdraft Program Last Undergo a Thorough Review?



Changes by regulators have most likely resulted in making the way your financial institution handles overdrafts outdated. Not having an up-to-date program puts your bank or credit union at risk for significant performance and compliance issues. Making the right adjustments to your program can have a strong impact to your financial institution in the areas of compliance and revenue.

JMFA’s most recent program release is complete with improved analytics, reporting and tracking, as well as best practices and enhanced recommendations to help you recover lost revenue due to regulatory changes. The program will also provide peace-of-mind with a 100% compliance guarantee and design that adds value for your account holders.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as you contemplate these new changes:

  1. Does our program address the continuum of regulations and best practices?
  2. Do we continually monitor program usage and make adjustments as necessary?
  3. Have we fully recaptured the lost income compared to program performance from 2-3 years ago?

Learn more about how JMFA Overdraft Privilege® can help your bank or credit union achieve its goals.

To get an assessment of your program and ensure it is up to date,
visit www.JMFA.com/OverdraftAnalysis.


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