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Staff Spotlight: James “Jai” Darden II



After joining JMFA in 2014 as an Engagement Consultant, Jai quickly began taking on more responsibilities and leadership duties, eventually landing in his current role. As Director of Field Operations, Jai leads and supports the JMFA team of Field Consultants, Client Managers, Relationship Managers and Senior Relationship Managers, optimizing delivery and ensuring the performance of JMFA’s growing client portfolio. He has also been a trainer with the JMFA Academy since its inception.

Jai has a long history of providing outstanding management, building meaningful relationships and ensuring profitability to Fortune 500 retail companies, as well as with JPMorgan Chase, where he twice received the prestigious JP Morgan National Top Manager Award. He brings this deep expertise to his role at JMFA and has a profound commitment to delivering on the JMFA promise.

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How do you approach your role at JMFA?

“Before I begin each day, I think about the actions my team and I need to take that will deliver the JMFA promise  of providing high level of expertise while strengthening the partnership with our clients.


“The Field Operations team would not be who we are without our clients. We know each client is different, and we think of  them as being part of the JMFA family. When someone is part of your family, you do everything possible to ensure their needs, concerns and desires are met.”

How does your team standout from the rest?

“We are hands-on and consistently communicating with our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure we are delivering on the expectations our clients demand from us. It’s important for us to follow through and deliver.”

What do you find most satisfying about your role?

“We have a very noble profession. We get the opportunity to not only help our clients—the financial institution—but we deliver for the person who sits in front of that banker or member service representative, trusting the financial institution, bringing in their hard-earned money and trying to understand what the best solution is. And we deliver a service that people depend on, sometimes to keep the lights on or food on the table. So, what we do means something; and if we remember that daily, we will deliver on our promise.”

What’s one thing you want your clients to know about you?

“More than anything, I am most proud of my family. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing sons. I am a husband, dad, a friend, and just an all-around good guy, if I do say so myself.”


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