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JMFA is one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to helping community banks and credit unions increase revenue and find savings opportunities. Our full-service overdraft consulting and comprehensive vendor contract negotiations mean our experts lead the way so you can get back to your area of expertise. And to top it all off, with our contingency-based fees, our success is directly measured by yours.

  • “JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® has enabled us to improve how we process overdrafts from a staff and member standpoint, and ensures that we are in full compliance with current regulations. The quality of doing things right the first time through JMFA has really helped to bring a lot of value to our credit union and our members.”

    - Shay Santos, CEO/President, Dane County Credit Union
  • "JMFA handled the negotiation of our VISA contract. They were able to provide a substantial savings and a rebate for our contract renewal.”

    - Southern Financial Institution with $131 Million in Assets
  • "We're not the experts on overdraft, JMFA is. It's our largest source of non-interest income - why not remain partnered with the experts and keep that income steady? The ongoing fine-tuning is a clear benefit.”

    - Chief Financial Officer, Virginia Bank
  • “It’s helpful having that expertise (in contract negotiations) to rely on because you don’t always know what you don’t know. When we work with JMFA, we have peace of mind that we’ve negotiated effectively for TheBANK. Furthermore, our Board of Directors has confidence in our team’s ability to succeed — getting the best deal while maintaining productive relationships with valued service providers.”

    - Belinda A. Feezel, Senior Vice President of Operations, The BANK of Edwardsville



Protect and strengthen non-interest income while offering your account holders a service they'll feel confident using. Whether you're managing a previous vendor's program or an in-house solution, we can help. Our fully disclosed, fully transparent overdraft program includes:

  • Comprehensive, on-site training
  • Ongoing monitoring and performance recommendations
  • A 100% compliance guarantee
  • In-depth data analytics
  • All accounts tracking tool
  • Enhanced software capabilities
  • Performance-based pricing—our success is your success
See what one client has to say about the impact JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® has had on their business and bottom line.



Let our experts handle your contract negotiations while you keep doing what you do best. We know the vendors. We know what your competition pays. And we know how to get you the very best deal for:

  • Debit/Credit Card Processing
  • Card Branding
  • Core Processing
  • Internet Banking
  • And more!
Now that you’ve seen what JMFA Contract Optimizer can do, it’s time for your free analysis to see how it can impact your institution.

Our clients rave about the success we help them achieve:

“JMFA's track record for getting results—along with its compliance expertise—made JMFA the perfect provider for us."

—Jack Gill, First Community Credit Union

“Tapping into the knowledge of the JMFA team took our contract negotiations to a level that we just couldn’t have taken it to.

—Chris Snodgrass, CFO, The Bank of Marion

With our contingency-based fee structure, our success is measured by yours.