Finding Fulfillment in Your Work

Have you made a connection? You know — that sort of career match that just leaves you feeling giddy and excited to meet each new day?

Finding the right company to work for, or finding the best employee for your company, takes more than just matching skills on a resume to line items on a job description. It takes a certain finesse to unearth the preferred work style, motivating factors, and personality of a candidate and marry those to a company with a complementary culture and job offering — and vice versa.

Cupid Takes Her Aim
Enter our very own matchmaker extraordinaire, Kim Kreps, JMFA’s Vice President, Executive Search Director. With nearly 25 years of experience as a recruiter, you can imagine how many connections she’s made for job seekers and clients.

As part of the JMFA Recruitment Services team, she helps find and place top talent at industry-leading banks and credit unions. For Kreps, a successful match takes into consideration a candidate’s soft skills, work experience, and unique character when filling a position for a client.

“We want to make sure that they’re going to fit into the corporate culture,” she says.

Indeed, we’ve all worked with at least one person who just didn’t fit in, for whatever reason. It can be an emotionally draining and costly experience for all involved. Kreps and her team are committed to taking the time to vetting both sides upfront, ensuring to ensure mutual long-term compatibility. This diligence in finding the right fit can have numerous payoffs for all involved: less turnover, a smoother training process, higher employee satisfaction, and happier customers for our clients.

Expect Better
You may hear naysayers declare, “You can’t have it all.” Or, “Don’t expect your job to bring you joy.” But that’s not the way Kreps operates.

“We want people to achieve their career goals, be passionate and love not only what they do but where they do it. We want them to have a sense of fulfillment.”

It’s not too much to ask, really. You’re at your job 40 hours a week or more — that’s a minimum of 25% of your week. If a quarter of your life is unfulfilling, you’re fighting a losing battle. It’s no surprise Kreps advocates setting high standards for work satisfaction. She did so for herself and loves helping others on a daily basis.

“I’m in the best organization that I can be in,” she beams, “where I can provide my clients with the best solutions.”

Spoken like a real-life Cupid.