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Managed overdraft services enhance productivity when the unexpected occurs

When it comes to maintaining a worry-free, compliant overdraft privilege program that provides reliable financial security for your account holders, communication is paramount throughout the life of your account relationships. This is especially true as regulators continue to stress the need for transparency and full disclosure to avoid increased supervisory scrutiny.

It’s important to have a backup plan should there be a disruption to your communication plan for notifying account holders about their overdraft usage. We can offer you additional resources, whether it’s employee turnover, temporary technical issues, or an unavoidable situation like a natural disaster that knocks out power and internet connections. Either as needed or on a more permanent basis, we are your partner so you can focus on running your financial institution.

Without these notifications, your account holders may lose track of their overdraft usage, or even worse, there could be delays in consumers receiving Extended Coverage (Reg E opt in) confirmation notices, which are required by Regulation E. Additionally, account holders may be unaware when the overdraft privilege limit is activated, increased, decreased or suspended on their accounts. This can result in a poor consumer experience and potential legal issues if a consumer contests that they were fully informed about how your financial institution handles overdrafts. What’s more, it may also lead to elevated charge-off activity that can impair account growth and the potential of increased regulatory scrutiny if charge-offs aren’t accounted for accurately.

Stay on top of communications with ease
Our Managed Overdraft Services allow you to turn your account holder notifications over to us—we can manage and streamline communication processes and create greater efficiencies. Our team ensures messages related to new activations, limit changes, Extended Coverage (Reg E opt-in) confirmations, account retention, heavy-use counseling and reinstatement are delivered promptly.

If you’re using the Cloud version of Privilege Manager CRM®, we can support your internal overdraft program manager (OPM) on a short- or long-term basis by maintaining critical daily communications activities, including:

  • importing daily all-accounts file
  • retrieving scheduled letters from Privilege Manager CRM® post-import
  • printing, stuffing, posting and mailing letters
  • sending scheduled emails
  • monitoring undeliverable emails to ensure completed notification

In addition to saving valuable time, the service is backed by our written 100 percent compliance guarantee for added peace of mind.

Be prepared for the unexpected
In today’s uncertain environment, having a reliable Plan B in place is essential to maintaining consistently successful financial services. Managed Overdraft Services help you stay connected with your account holders when unexpected situations make it difficult to do so. Our streamlined process can help you create greater back-office efficiencies to ensure your account holder communication is seamless and fully compliant.

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