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JMFA Aids CommFirst Federal Credit Union with Donation to Local Foundation



With the help of JMFA, CommFirst Credit Union recently presented $5,000 to the Baptist Health Foundation fund for the girls, a fund that provides low-cost breast health services to Mississippians.

JMFA was honored to be a part of this donation through the JMFA Community Outreach Referral Program. This program rewards clients with funds to support community causes that are important to their institution when they refer new clients to JMFA.

“We have received wonderful feedback from our clients on the value of this program and the ability to support their local communities and charitable interests,” states John Cohron, JMFA CEO. “Supporting our clients in the endeavors they deem important, and helping the communities they serve, is our sincerest pleasure.”

CommFirst Credit Union, located in Jackson, Mississippi, has been a JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® client for several years. Their continual success with the program encouraged them to share their story with another credit union, and provide the referral to JMFA. Because they participated in the JMFA Community Outreach Referral Program, CommFirst Credit Union was able to support an important local charitable organization with a substantial donation.

“We were so thankful that we were able to assist one of our local causes that helps so many women in our area,” says Sheila Bridges, CommFirst FCU CEO. “This is in-line with our value of community and commitment coming first.”

For more information on the JMFA Community Outreach Referral Program, go to https://www.jmfa.com/referral


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