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JMFA Contract Optimizer helps you get more out of your vendor contracts


Success Rate for Achieving More Savings

18-24 Months

Ideal Time to Start Contract Negotiations Before Current Contracts Expire

10 Days

For an Initial Appraisal & Estimated Savings

We specialize in helping community banks and credit unions contract negotiations to get you the best deal. How much of a better deal? Significantly more savings than their vendor’s “best and final” offer. Discover how your financial Institution’s processing and technology service proposals, core banking contracts & renewals, and agreements rate in areas of pricing, service and support, terms and conditions, and more.

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Types of Contracts We Negotiate

JMFA negotiates several types of core banking contracts & renewals from Card Brand Agreements to Internet Banking

How We Get Results

Learn more about JMFA bank contract negotiations in this short video.

Vendor Management—Simplified!

For credit unions, JMFA can also help relieve the stress of managing your services with 24/7 cloud-based vendor management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how JMFA core banking negotiations & renewals can help you save.

Find out if there are significant savings opportunities today with a free analysis

Optimize your service contracts and agreements

With the JMFA Banking Contract Negotiations & Renewals, we can help you renegotiate your vendor contracts and agreements for better savings and services. Discover how your processing and technology service proposals, contracts and agreements rate in areas of pricing, service and support, terms and conditions, and more. 


Improved bottom line

We’ve saved community banks and credit unions millions of dollars by negotiating their service contracts, which allows them to upgrade their technology, offer new services, hire additional staff or make other improvements to grow.


Better service for your future

To find savings it’s not about changing vendors, but you do need to make them re-earn your business. Our team maintains a professional relationship with your vendors while making sure you’re getting the level of service you signed up for, as well as any signing bonuses, incentives, or other perks that you may not know to ask for.


Industry experts in your corner

Your vendors know JMFA, and we know them. Even more important, we know the contract terms and rates other banks and credit unions are paying. That means we know where to find the savings. With us, you’ll always have the upper hand.


Time savings

Your time is valuable; that’s why we handle all the minutia of contract negotiations, like chasing down vendors, returning calls, dealing with lengthy contracts and sending out requests for proposals to vendors. We take care of every detail for you then present you with the big-picture savings.


A free, in-depth analysis

Our team of experts look at every line item of your contracts and agreements to provide you a detailed report within 10 days on how much savings potential you can achieve. This information is valuable for ensuring you don’t miss out on securing the best deal.


Performance-based pricing and more

Fees for our consulting services are based on how much money we save you. Our success is directly tied to yours—and with our 98% success rate helping our clients find savings, you can be confident we’ll do the same for you. Plus, once negotiations finish and contracts are signed, JMFA remains by your side.

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