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Webinar: Introduction to JMFA Advantage


Learn more about JMFA Advantage, the all-new portal that gives you easy access to the tools and resources to manage your overdraft strategy. From navigation to new features and upcoming releases, you’ll discover ways to gain efficiencies and program management.

JMFA Advantage offers a single sign-on for additional ease to access JMFA’s applications and resources in one convenient location. In this webinar, you’ll receive a high-level overview and learn about new features that can help you improve overdraft program management.

Following are the different areas to be covered in this demo:

  • Overdraft Privilege (Privilege Manager CRM®) where you can efficiently manage the program—including analytics, letter/email generation, call queues and reports. 
  • NEW! Limit Manager is a helpful tool for updating overdraft limits and exclusion codes automatically, so you can skip making changes within your core manually. 
  • NEW! Extended Coverage to review account holder opt-in/out decisions received through our hosted online Extended Coverage (Reg E) consent form, which integrates seamlessly with your website. If you’d like to learn more about this new service, let me know. 
  • Billing (Fast Track) to evaluate performance with detailed tracking and reporting, plus view invoices. FastTrack will have the same screens and interface as it does today. 
  • NEW! Learning Center for on-demand training to keep your staff well-trained, which creates a better experience for your account holders and mitigates risks for your financial institution. 
  • NEW! CSuite Analytics offers in-depth data you can leverage to help you take action to improve your performance and competitive position.

All webinars will be recorded. If you happen to miss the live event, contact us if you do not receive the recording.

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