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Everybody loses without access to overdraft services

Taking away overdraft solutions only adds to consumer stress and makes it harder for financial institutions to help improve account holders' financial health.

Is it time to evaluate your overdraft program disclosures?

If you think your overdraft disclosures only need to be reviewed after new rules or guidance is issued, you could be caught off guard by ...

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The Impact of Delaying an Overdraft Evaluation

Does a to-do list that never stops growing and a shortage of resources make it difficult to give your overdraft solution the proper attention? With ...

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Better Knowledge Creates Better Advocates

Ongoing board member and staff education regarding what differentiates a fully compliant overdraft service from non-disclosed strategies that can harm consumers is essential to increasing ...

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Senate Banking Subcommittee Weighs in on Overdraft Fees

Overcome program criticism by reviewing fees and procedures from a consumer point of view By CHERYL LAWSON, JMFA EVP of Compliance Review Following the House ...

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Make financial literacy a year-round commitment

While extra attention has been given to promoting financial education during Financial Literacy Month, ongoing efforts to empower account holders with the confidence they need ...

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Empower consumers with more knowledge to maintain financial stability

Community banks and credit unions provide a much-needed lifeline to consumers when economic and market uncertainty impacts their financial stability. While April is designated Financial ...

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House Considers Overdraft Program Fee Reform

Industry testimony urges caution against further regulation By CHERYL LAWSON, JMFA EVP of Compliance Review On Thursday, March 31, the U.S. House of Representatives Financial ...

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Three Rs of a successful consumer-focused overdraft strategy

Keeping up with changes in the overdraft service environment can be challenging without a consumer-focused strategy. But improving service quality, addressing account holders’ financial needs ...


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