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Contract & Project Staffing Services

A Short-Term Approach for Long-Term Success
Meet Your Staffing and Performance Goals, Combined

Temporary staffing is here to stay, for good reason. You get the skills you need, precisely when you need them, to keep business flowing – and your bottom line growing. In today’s unpredictable economy, interim staffing delivers benefits you can count on. Among them:

  • Quickly fill a staffing void
  • Access specialized skill sets for specific projects and deadlines
  • Flexibility to “try before you buy”
  • Avoid costly benefits associated with recent legislation 
  • Meet temporary or seasonal needs
  • Fill in gaps during staff/management changes, particularly as the workforce ages
The challenge is knowing how and when to use short-term staffing to achieve your long-term performance and profitability goals.

Ask Yourself This
Can’t decide whether to hire a permanent employee or temporary help? We can. JMFA does more than find top talent for your current staffing need. We analyze which staffing solution is best for your bottom line, including temporary options like interim hires, consultants, and project staffing.  

Companywide, we understand the needs of financial institutions. Our focus is 100% on your performance and profitability, unlike many staffing agencies.

If your bank or credit union is experiencing any of the following, contract staffing may be your best solution. 

  • Low staffing levels
  • Employee out on medical or maternity leave
  • Just completed a core conversion, merger or acquisition
  • Key employees retiring
  • Large project coming up that requires additional resources

JMFA Has the Answer
We’ve helped financial institutions of every size fill interim positions at every level. Need a CEO, CFO, CTO or other executive-level position? With our database full of highly qualified, industry-specific candidates and consultants, we can meet your temporary (or permanent) needs – guaranteed. Even in the hardest-to-fill areas like management, finance and IT.

Invest wisely in your workforce. Let JMFA help you quickly find the right candidate and the right strategy to fill your short-term staffing needs and your long-term performance and profitability goals. Learn more about our staffing services. Call us at 866-264-5017.