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The success of your financial institution ultimately comes down to the people you hire. From senior management to contract positions, JMFA will find the top talent to improve your bottom line. With more than 150 years of combined recruitment experience and a massive referral network, we are uniquely positioned to quickly locate highly qualified candidates. Depending on the type of search, you'll have a short list of high-potential candidates quickly, saving you time, money and resources. Rest assured knowing we only present candidates who will truly fit your institution and fulfill your goals.

Credit Union & Bank Recruitment

Our Recruitment Services Include:

  • Executive and senior management placement
  • Non-managerial positions
  • Contract project services
  • Temp-to-hire positions
  • Outplacement services
  • HR consulting

A Better Approach for the Best Candidates
The best candidates aren't always obvious at first glance. That’s why so many financial institutions today turn to JMFA. We perform the basics, such as background and reference checks, interviewing, detailed candidate presentations, preparation and assistance with client interviews, relocation coordination assistance, and contract negotiation. But we also offer:

  • Sourcing and recruiting techniques that cast a big net for high-potential candidates, including a massive referral network, a national database of top performers, and recruiters as well as project managers experienced in each client’s specific needs
  • Strategic interviews to assess each candidate’s fit with your corporate culture, advancement opportunities, compensation, non-monetary incentives and other factors
  • Candidate projects completed by the prospects to learn more about their strengths, experience and interests, along with an assigned task for greater insight into their response to certain situations
  • Financial analysis to examine the financial impact the candidate made in previous positions
  • Personality and profile testing for an in-depth evaluation of leadership abilities, management style, and other attributes vital to the position

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