Four Letters. Infinite Potential.

We took our industry-renowned Privilege Manager CRM® software and made it even better, moving it to the cloud and adding a number of new features to help your financial institution reach new heights with your overdraft program.


Lessened Impact on IT Infrastructure frees up your resources with advanced tech features, including:

  • Faster processing time than server-based software
  • No hardware or software to install—meaning no upgrades, no server maintenance and no backups to manage, saving you money on IT expenditures
  • Real-time software updates as they’re released—deployed to the cloud version of Privilege Manager CRM® first
  • Rapid support from JMFA, with most technical issues resolved remotely without disrupting your staff

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard & Reporting give you access to real-time performance data. Now, you can instantly assess and evaluate your program with:

  • Real time performance analytics, enabling you to proactively identify and verify potential issues and evaluate data trends and patterns
  • Charts and graphs that allow you to analyze key performance indicators in a new way— penetration analysis, total overdrawn balances, charge-off analysis and more
  • Rapid support from JMFA to identify and verify potential issues
  • New advanced report filtering functions that let you efficiently export important data for analyzing, making information-sharing with all levels of management easier
  • Access to vital metrics and key data in one place to make informed decisions and keep your program running efficiently on a daily basis

Improved Security helps keep your data secure and accessible, with enhancements such as:

  • The highest data protection standards for any cloud service, with Privilege Manager CRM® installed at Microsoft’s secured data centers in the central United States
  • Isolated data maintained within its own separate database
  • Backed up and accessible data so you’ll never lose access to your important information

Enhanced Communication Tools save you time and resources while making account holder communication a breeze. Features include:

  • New text and email capabilities1 to better reach account holders and obtain quicker results
  • Streamlined updates for important compliance-approved language changes
  • More formatting and preview options for all types of overdraft program communication
  • Centralized management of account holder communication for your overdraft program

1 additional communication opt-ins required

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