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Contract negotiations

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With the JMFA Contract Optimizer program, we can help you renegotiate your vendor contracts and agreements for better savings and services. It's a 100% contingency-based service based on achieving additional savings.  We have achieved a 98% success rate for helping credit unions and banks save millions in contract expenses—much more than their vendor's "best and final" offer. Those are some pretty impressive statistics if we do say so ourselves.

Through our no-cost assessment, you'll discover how your financial institution’s processing and technology service proposals, contracts and agreements rate in areas of pricing, service and support, terms and conditions, and more.


  • Debit & Credit Card Processing: ATM/Credit card processing can end up costing a business hundreds of dollars in extra fees per month. JMFA offers contract optimization for signature debit card transactions, ATM residency fees, card account file management and more.
  • Card Branding Agreements: With contacts at all major card brands, VISA, MasterCard and Discover, we can make sure the card brand you have is the best solution for you and your account holders.
  • Core Data Processing: JMFA core data processing contract optimization helps companies stay focused on their day-to-day operation and even larger growth initiatives.
  • Internet Banking: Our internet banking contract optimization program, reviews internal banking, bill payment, and mobile banking elements.
  • And much more...

Here's How We Do It:

First we analyze past invoices and agreements. Service contracts expiring within the next 12-18 months are prime candidates for significant savings. But contracts with as much as three years remaining can be renegotiated too. We can also secure enhanced service levels, often without you having to change vendors.

After a thorough analysis, we provide an appraisal report of your savings opportunities including instant savings, rebates and often retroactive rates.

Next, you decide which opportunities to pursue. As soon as we receive your authorization, we renegotiate your contracts for you.

With our free contract analysis, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Want a real-life example? Contact us for a case study that fits your needs.


For credit unions, JMFA can also help relieve the stress of managing your services with 24/7 cloud-based vendor management.

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"It was a pleasure to work with the JMFA Contract Optimizer team. Mary and Kelly helped us develop a plan that met our needs and reduced expenses in a number of areas. The project results were what we were looking for and have come to expect when working with JMFA. I like that they can scale the project to our needs and deliver options on time. I recommend that you consider them for your next project."

Shay Santos, President/CEO, Dane County Credit Union, $200 Million in Assets

"We were very pleased with the outcome of this process. JMFA did all of the legwork and negotiating – saving our staff countless hours – and we reaped the benefits of lower costs, improved service plus bonus money that we didn’t expect. We experienced a savings of $94,000."

Southern Financial Institution with $125 Million in Assets

"Using your Contract Optimizer service was such a huge relief. Being able to hand off a duty allowed me time to devote to other important functions. The procedure was so easy that I know we will be contacting you again for additional needs. Of course your company even saved us a significant amount of money off the term of our contract."

Mid-Atlantic Financial Institution with $27 Million in Assets

"JMFA handled the negotiation of our VISA contract. They were able to provide a substantial savings and a rebate for our contract renewal."

Southern Financial Institution with $131 Million in Assets

"We have used JMFA on two contracts so far, and we have been very pleased with the results."

Northwestern Financial Institution with $663 Million in Assets