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Overdraft Privilege and Program Consulting

The rules have changed and so have we.
We share the same belief: customers first..

Like you, we put our customers first. And we know that having a consumer-friendly, socially-responsible, well-communicated overdraft program allows you to provide excellent service to your account holders. No surprises. No confusion. No frustration. Just program opt-ins leading to increased usage, satisfaction – and increased revenue for your institution.

Unlike other overdraft programs, JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE provides service beyond the sell.

  • Ongoing monitoring and performance recommendations make course correction easy for maximum results
  • 100% compliance guarantee provides peace of mind and risk confidence  
  • Continual training keeps employees engaged and delivering outstanding service

We’re proud to say, JMFA is with you all the way. And with a contingency-based fee, we only succeed when you do, giving you everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We’re so confident your institution can improve with JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE, we’re offering a free personal analysis. Click the button to get yours now.

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We’ll make a believer out of you too. Watch this video to learn how our clients have built trust, loyalty and revenue through their overdraft programs.


Watch firsthand accounts of how these clients have made an impact on their institutions with a little help from their no-risk, service-oriented, fully-disclosed overdraft solution.


Benefits for Banks and Credit Unions:

For more details on JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE®, contact your representative. You'll quickly come to see that full disclosure, 100% compliance and total revenue recovery really is the only way – with JMFA.

  • Additional revenue stream and source of income
  • Minimized risk with 100% compliance guarantee
  • Easy installation and comprehensive effective on-site training
  • A socially responsible program that is fully disclosed and fully transparent
  • All aspects of the program are included in our contingency-based fee structure
  • Improved communication with account holders for enhanced relationships
  • Excellent customer service for increased satisfaction, advocacy and trust

"The program has given some of our members the ability to make a purchase that they may not have been able to make otherwise. Plus, as a fully disclosed program, it gives members the power to determine if and how they want it use it – they have a say in how they manage their finances."

Southwestern Financial Institution $3.2 Billion in Assets

"The resources and services provided by JMFA, have improved the credit union’s employee training capabilities, which has been instrumental in helping account holders understand how to better manage their funds."

 Midwest Financial Institutions with $461 Million in Assets

"They have been there from the beginning – helping us implement the systems, making recommendations for improvement and answering whatever questions we might have. And even though we‘ve been running the program successfully…the continued contact with our JMFA team has been helpful and reassuring."

Northeastern Financial Institution with $354 Million in Assets

"JMFA has been great from the beginning with on-going reviews and visits by the support team. Our employees know that someone is monitoring our program, which gives them the assurance that it is being maintained correctly."

Southern Financial Institution with $115 Million in Assets

"Timely communications with our customers are important to us and JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® helps us make sure they get all of the information they need to maintain their accounts."

Northwestern Financial Institution with $664 Million in Assets
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