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PODCAST: The Ins & Outs of Contract Negotiations to Maximize Savings

May 14, 2020


Are you looking for ways to find additional revenue? Listen to this podcast for some practical advice for securing savings in your vendor contracts without creating additional workload. Kelly Flynn and Mary Soergel share their expertise and insight with real-world examples on how you can ensure you’re getting the very best deal from your vendors. More importantly, given the current challenges and need to find ways to boost the bottom line, they offer helpful solutions for your financial institution, in both the short-term and years to come.




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0:30 – Introductions
1:43 – About JMFA’s vendor contract negotiations services
2:52 – Ideal time to start the contract negotiation process
4:06 – How soon rates can be implemented
5:20 – Misconceptions about resources
7:33 – Investing in new services and real-world examples
10:18 – Why savings opportunities are often missed
11:45 – Getting fair rates when you have an advocate
15:06 – How quickly significant savings can be realized
16:42 – Final takeaways