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PODCAST: Solutions for how to address earnings issues

Q&A with Heartland Credit Union Association & JMFA
August 22, 2020


As credit unions contend with the economic slow-down and budgeting season for 2021, there is a need to look at different approaches when it comes to improving earnings. Ryan Dold, Vice President of Business Solutions for the Heartland Credit Union Association speaks with Andre Branning, Regional Director of JMFA about how taking a look at your non-interest income and expenses could be the key to recovery.





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1:22 – JMFA’s background and overdraft program consulting overview
3:00 – Why you should consider re-evaluating your overdraft program with an expert
3:59 – What you can expect when partnering with JMFA
5:11 – How a fully disclosed program benefits credit union members
7:52 – How the program helps to increase revenue without increasing fees
8:34 – The impact of Regulation E transactions
10:03 – The meaning of “100% Compliance Guaranteed”
11:39 – Why credit unions should partner with JMFA
12:59 – What is JMFA Contract Optimizer?
15:00 – The benefits of using a third party for contract negotiations
15:34 – How to contact Andre Branning, JMFA’s Regional Director