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PODCAST: How cloud-based software is improving analytics and efficiencies

September 15, 2020


In this podcast, listen as Senior Relationship Manager, Damian Babineaux, and Systems Manager, Larry Blount, describe how JMFA is leveraging technology to provide greater value to its clients. Specifically, they will discuss how the cloud-based Privilege Manager CRM® software enables greater collaboration, more proactive and thorough analytics, and robust reporting to benefit clients in getting the most from their JMFA NEXT GENERATION OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® program.



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0:40 – Introductions
1:40 – How have the software has evolved over time
2:49 – Changes to the software from the user perspective
4:08 – Advantages of moving to the Cloud
7:33 – Quality data assists with attaining stronger teamwork and partnership
8:29 – How enhancements have created a positive impact
10:30 – Achieving a collaborative user experience
13:28 – Feedback from clients on the evolution of the software
16:49 – Most meaningful advantages for users
21:36 – Final thoughts