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PODCAST: Coaching for Success to Deliver Excellent Service

August 22, 2020


The future holds uncertainty as we conduct business face-to-face, but we are discovering alternative ways of still serving consumers at the highest level. Financial institutions are finding new different touchpoints with their consumers and leveraging technology to stay connected.


Listen to this podcast to learn what JMFA’s client banks and credit unions are experiencing when connecting with their consumers. James Darden, JMFA’s Director of Field Operations offers candid feedback on how to make a positive impact within your organization as we navigate new challenges during the pandemic. While it has changed the way we do business—it is clear we are becoming stronger than ever before.




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0:55 – How to bring consumers back in and pivot to new touchpoints
1:48 – Feedback on the challenges community banks and credit unions are navigating
6:03 – Examples of how clients are improving engagement—roll call, ordering food, surveys, creating a task force to solve challenges and achieve goals
10:28 – Using technology to enhance collaboration and more
14:00 – Lessons for the future—opportunities for improving efficiencies, collaboration and better service delivery for account holders
16:27 – How clients are quickly adapting—re-evaluating business continuity plans, contingency plans for individual branches, reallocating resources, soliciting input from staff
24:15 – Role of social media
26:04 – How applying personal touches goes a long way and creates a stronger sense of community
26:30 – Going above and beyond for your internal teams
29:38 – Curbside servicing and proactively reaching out for your account holders offers long-term value
36:52 – Final thoughts on how to deal with change to make us stronger in the future