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We're happy to share examples of how we've helped our clients be successful in achieving their goals. You may find their situations similar to what you encounter on the job each day. Search through our featured case studies and chose the type of financial institution you’re interested in learning more about. After reviewing these case studies, let us know if you have any questions or wish to learn more. We're standing by, ready to help your institution experience similar results.


Banking & Credit Union Case Studies

South Texas FCU - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: TX

Even from the beginnings of only 34 members in 1952, South Texas Federal CU has always focused on their motto of “Exceeding Everyone’s Expectations” even during the pandemic. Thanks to JMFA’s contract renegotiation services, CEO Paz was not only able to continue the service with his current vendor, they saved expenses, hours, and many headaches, a win-win situation.  

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Government Printing Office FCU
State: MD,VA

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on operations, Government Printing Office Federal Credit Union needed to maximize its resources. With JMFA as their trusted partner for successful vendor contract negotiations and overdraft program consulting the credit union has secured vital savings and peace of mind.

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Baton Rouge Telco FCU - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: LA

Reluctant to hire a third-party for something they’ve historically done themselves, Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union was initially skeptical when they heard a glowing recommendation for JMFA Contract Optimizer from a nearby credit union. But after three contract negotiations totaling more than $3.2 million in total savings, they became believers.

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Dane County Credit Union - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: WI

It pays to have an expert on your side. Dane County Credit Union experienced this firsthand when it enlisted JMFA to negotiate a new Internet banking contract on its behalf. In the end, they achieved a six-digit savings and an upgraded digital banking system for its members. 

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Catholic & Community Credit Union - Overdraft Program Consulting
State: IL

While the shortest distance between two points may be a straight line when no obstacles exist, maintaining long-term financial stability is a route that often requires a few course adjustments along the way. The secret to improved performance and better account holder service is knowing when it’s time to make necessary changes to existing programs and procedures, such as your overdraft service. And, it is even better when you know where to turn for guidance. Learn more about the path Catholic and Community Credit Union chose in charting its course for offering the best overdraft service to their members.

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Greenwood Credit Union - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: RI

With four major contracts all coming up for renewal, Greenwood Credit Union realized it didn’t have the negotiation prowess to get the best deal—but they knew JMFA did. Within a short amount of time, the credit union secured six-digit annual savings without ever having to take its time or focus off other strategic initiatives.

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Washington Savings Bank - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: IL

Due to its size and the fact that it really wasn’t interested in switching vendors, Washington Savings Bank initially thought it had no contract negotiating power. Luckily, the bank gave JMFA a chance to negotiate its core processing, card processing and Internet banking contracts anyway—and walked away with $2.4 million in savings over the new six-year term. 

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Malheur Federal Credit Union - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: OR

After being locked into the same pricing structure for some time, the Malheur Federal Credit Union was looking forward to the opportunity to negotiate their existing credit and debit card processing contract. Learn how JMFA's Contract Optimizer brought a level of expertise and knowledge to the process so Malheur Federal Credit Union could focus on providing service to their members. 

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Franklin First Federal Credit Union - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: MA

With back-to-back audits taking place and limited resources, Franklin First Federal Credit Union knew that negotiating its core processing and Internet banking contract in-house would be nearly impossible. So, the credit union turned to the experts at JMFA to successfully negotiate this important, looming contract.

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Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: NY

Having nearly 15 years of success as a JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® client, Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union turned to JMFA for assistance in negotiating its soon-to-renew card processing and bill pay agreement. With more than $500,000 in annual savings found, the only thing the credit union regretted was not reaching out sooner. 

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Plus4 Credit Union - Overdraft Program Consulting
State: TX

Providing reliable, affordable solutions to help members accomplish their financial goals has been a hallmark of Plus4 Credit Union for 90 years. As Plus4 continues its legacy of doing the right thing for its members, learn how the responsible practices and on-going consulting support of JMFA NEXT GENERATION OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE™ are helping it build stronger relationships and business growth opportunities through attention to detail in regard to compliance, technology, communications and employee education. 

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Heartland Tri-State Bank - Vendor Contract Negotiations
State: KS

Negotiating vendor contracts is time-consuming for bank personnel, but trying to do it while simultaneously acquiring two other banks? Heartland Tri-State Bank’s CEO knew it wasn’t feasible to do both successfully, so he turned to JMFA Contract Optimizer to take the vendor negotiations off his plate while he focused on the important details of the acquisitions. The results: six-figure annual savings and a lot less stress.

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Eagle One Federal Credit Union - Overdraft Program Consulting
State: DE,PA

It’s one thing to deliver immediate results. But consistently exceeding expectations, year after year, is quite another task. When Eagle One Federal Credit Union chose to implement JMFA’s overdraft program, they were impressed by the initial results. Fast-forward to years later, and the consistency the program brings in all areas continues to benefit the credit union.

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River Valley Credit Union - Overdraft Program Consulting
State: MI

After turning to JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® to counter the impact low-interest rates were having on its performance, River Valley Credit Union experienced successful revenue results. So much so, that credit union leaders decided to maintain the program internally — with the help of existing core provider software. But before long, they realized something was missing. Learn how the program’s results bounced back — above and beyond expectations — after the credit union renewed its connection with JMFA’s expert advice, advanced technology resources and on-going support. 

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US Employees Credit Union - Overdraft Program Consulting
State: IL

No one is a stranger to overdraft protection, and the leadership and staff at US Employees Credit Union (USECU) were doing everything they could to provide members with a solution for their short-term cash needs. Problem was, the program’s revenue was pointing south. Learn how USECU regained confidence in its overdraft program, and significantly exceeded its revenue, compliance and service expectations by getting down to the nitty-gritty to uncover its potential.

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