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4/22: Five Steps to Avoid Overdraft Litigation

4/22: Five Steps to Avoid Overdraft Litigation

Are you at risk for a class-action suit?



About the Webinar:

Law firms are targeting community banks and credit unions for their overdraft practices. No one is completely safe: the lawyers’ intent is less about justice than reward. While regulatory changes have been few in recent years, litigation is increasingly putting pressure on banking practices. This session will focus on what the industry is seeing in terms of litigation and the impact on your financial institution.

Key Learning Objectives:
• Ways to reduce consumer complaints
• How your disclosures can protect you from class-action lawsuits
• The fundamental basis for most overdraft litigation


Find out how you can steer your overdraft program away from the “traps” that are being set for class action litigation.

About the Presenter:

Cheryl Lawson joined JMFA in 2001, rising quickly from consultant to engagement manager to executive vice president of implementation. Today she serves as EVP of Compliance Review for overdraft privilege, ensuring the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements. Her responsibilities also include high-level sales support and administration for financial institutions. Cheryl is also a sought-after authority for compliance issues related to overdraft programs. She continues to be invited to speak at numerous industry events.

Cheryl’s impressive background includes more than 30 years of experience in global information technology and financial operations, as well as consulting, communications, training and project management. The Houston native earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Carnegie-Mellon University, followed by an MBA from Rice University.


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