Four Letters. Infinite Potential.
You’re in position. Holding the reins. Will you win the race?

You’re in position. Holding the reins. Will you win the race?

Like those who compete in the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, you’ve put in the necessary hard work preparing for the race ahead. You’ve planned, projected, strategized, and sized up the competition, all with the lofty goal in mind of winning the race.

As the year began, you got out of the post early and now as you approach the mid-year mark, do you find yourself leading the pack? Will you cross the finish line and achieve the goals you set out to accomplish?  Whether it’s minimizing risk, strengthening compliance certainty, reducing expenses and reviewing contracts for additional savings opportunities, boosting profitability and performance, or attracting and retaining the best employees for additional growth, with JMFA as your guide, the odds of winning are in your favor.  

JMFA is structured to help you win a trifecta. When you choose JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE®, you can experience an increase in non-interest income and fee revenue, gain compliance confidence and improve your net operating costs. All while creating additional value for account holders—improving satisfaction and retention. We train and educate your employees so they can communicate about the program confidently both internally and externally. With JMFA on your side you’ll be on pace to win the race.

With JMFA Contract Optimizer, getting the very best deal from your existing vendor relationships or finding new ones to more than satisfy your needs will give you the Look of Eagles. Make us the front runner on negotiating the very best deal on your behalf. We recommend engaging us approximately 12-24 months prior to a contract’s term coming due. If we can’t score you winnings, we don’t cash out either. It’s a win-win bet for all.

Do you have the best stable of thoroughbreds in the industry? Do you have a strategy for keeping them loyal, hard-working and productive for the long-term? We do and we can share it with you. With an industry database of talent unlike any other, JMFA Recruitment Services can not only fill your open positions from C-level to temporary positions, but help you develop the best strategies and plans to keep those hires going the distance. Backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry, it’s a sure thing.

We have the services you need to pull ahead of the competition and win the race before 2018 is through. Now sit back, don your derby hat, and enjoy that mint julep...you’ll be all set to win! 


For more than 38 years JMFA has been considered one of the most trusted names in the industry—helping community banks and credit unions improve their performance and profitability. Whether it’s recovering lost revenue, uncovering savings opportunities, serving account holders better, finding the perfect personnel fit or delivering a 100% compliant courtesy pay program, JMFA has the right solutions to help you not only meet, but exceed, your goals. To learn more find your regional representative or call us at (800) 809-2307.