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Staff Spotlight: Meet Maggie Thompson

JMFA Client Success Manager

After joining JMFA in 2018 as an Engagement Consultant, Maggie quickly began taking on more responsibilities and client relations, eventually landing in her current role. As Client Success Manager, Maggie supports the JMFA team of Regional Directors, Implementation Managers, Field Consultants, Client Managers, Relationship Managers, and Senior Relationship Managers to optimize delivery and ensure JMFA’s growing client portfolio achieves maximum success. From time to time, she will step in as needed as a trainer for client projects. You may be familiar with Maggie as she is a host for our Privilege Manager CRM webinar series and our new podcast series. 


Maggie has a strong background in providing outstanding management and building meaningful relationships with retail companies. While with PNC Bank, she received a “Market All-Star Award” for delivering exceptional client service. She brings this deep expertise to her role at JMFA and has a profound commitment to delivering on the JMFA promise.


Q&A with Maggie Thompson


How do you approach your role at JMFA?

“Each day I look at my tasks ahead and think, to myself, ‘how can I assist our clients in achieving success today for what is important to them?’ — this very question motivates me to challenge my co-workers to keep our clients top of mind.


“I strive with every interaction that I have with a client to provide exceptional service to ensure I deliver on our JMFA promise.”


How does your role stand out from the rest?

“I am hands-on. When working with a client, I want to make sure that I dig and dig to uncover their true meaning of success for our interaction and always over-deliver.” 


What do you find most satisfying about your role?

“When I can take a situation where a client may be feeling a little stressed and assist with an effective, easy-to-understand solution, that is very satisfying to me. When I can uncover additional opportunities to enhance their daily processes and offer greater value, it means so much more. These small defining moments motivate me to always WIN for our clients.”


What’s one thing you want your clients to know about you?

“I am a wife and mom to three beautiful children. They are my motivation for all things.”