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#QuickTakes on Overdraft Compliance


The pandemic has made overdraft services more important than ever. Additionally, as compliance expectations and complexity continue to evolve, we are not only in a regulated industry now but also a ligated one. Cheryl Lawson, JMFA’s EVP of Compliance Review, shares her perspective on the complexities and common pitfalls community bankers should look out for in an interview with Tom Bengtson, Publisher for BankBeat. View the #QuickTakes video.


Interview Highlights

0:40 Challenges compliance officers face

1:50 Complexities that banks face and overdraft services as the solution

2:52 Common pitfalls of disclosures

4:16 Increased scrutiny of compliance examiners

5:40 Change in leadership in Washington, D.C.

6:45 Tips for compliance safeguards around overdraft services

9:36 Clues and triggers bankers should look out for

11:46 How bankers should plan for success

13:55 Conclusion and last thoughts


View the #QuickTakes video