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Proactive Measures Today Lead to Greater Success Tomorrow
As regulators continue to study overdraft programs and finalize plans to test new consumer disclosure prototypes, many banks and credit unions have chosen to put upgrading their existing overdraft offering on the back burner. Discover why now is the perfect time to proactively align with the most accurate overdraft guidance and best practices, or upgrade a non-disclosed program to a transparent solution. You’ll see how a fully compliant overdraft program can help you avoid regulatory scrutiny and experience positive results for your institution and your account holders.

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Inside or Outside? You Be the Judge

When it comes to analyzing and optimizing your bank or credit union’s non-interest income, revenue opportunities, organizational structure, contracts, processes, technology utilization and delivery channels, do you hire outside experts or make it an inside job? While you may initially lean toward tackling the project internally, it may be worth a second look at all the advantages a team of skilled consultants can offer your organization.

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How to Prepare for (and Ace!) an Interview
How to Prepare for (and Ace!) an Interview
Tips for Recent Grads (Part 2)

Having studied Part 1 of our two-part series for recent graduates on how to ace an interview, you already know how important pre-interview research is, the best time to arrive, and how to present yourself in person or on the phone in order to make a great first impression. Read on for the intricacies of the interview itself.

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Experience the Freedom of the Perfect Fit

When an executive-level job candidate is matched with the perfect position and employer, and vice versa, we start living in the moment. One eye is never looking for “the next best thing” because both parties have found exactly that in each other. Discover how the perfect fit can be so important—and so freeing—for you and your bank or credit union.

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Take a Vacation from Contract Negotiations
Delegating is a key ability of successful leaders everywhere. When it comes to contract negotiations, this is one task where delegating can result in huge savings for years to come. Instead of assigning this important undertaking to a busy employee, why not get a dedicated agent to work persistently, assertively, and skillfully on your behalf?

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John M. Floyd & Associates Approved as a Registered CPE Sponsor

Continuing professional education credits available for attending JMFA Academy


HOUSTON, Texas, (July 7, 2017) – John M. Floyd & Associates (JMFA) – a leader in profitability and performance-improvement programs, and consulting services for banks and credit unions – announced today that it has been certified by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) to be a sponsor of continuing professional education (CPE) through the JMFA Academy
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What’s on your ‘overdraft program’ checklist?
Though a basic concept―helping an account holder overcome a checkbook oversight or emergency situation―overdraft programs involve several moving parts for your organization: notification, sign-up, and usage to name a few. Accordingly, having an implementation checklist can help you achieve compliance and avoid charges of deceptive practices. Read on to learn if your overdraft program is one that checks all the boxes for organizational and account holder success.

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