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Hiring Managers: Act Now to Start 2018 on a High Note

by Charles Shanley, Executive Vice President

If your bank or credit union needs to hire, now is the time to start putting the word out.

Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the additional tasks and projects that the holiday season brings, but forgetting about your big-picture plans is not the path that will lead to success. You can make so much headway in the final weeks of 2017, setting up your organization for a successful start to the new year. You may even be able to complete the hiring process and begin training before the end of the year. And, knowing that most of your competition is waiting until January 1 to even think about hiring is even more reason to get started today.

What Are Your Hiring Needs?

Whether your bank or credit union is going through a major growth period or you need to replace a departing employee, it never hurts to take inventory of how your company needs to be structured to best serve its account holders and meet its long-term goals. You may need to hire if:

  • After evaluating your 2017 goals and strategizing for 2018, you determine that you’ll need additional staff to accomplish those goals.
  • You may have plans to roll out a new business line in lending or other areas with a niche focus and need to hire someone with relationships in that market as well as the expertise to structure solutions.
  • Retirement or planned retirement of one or more members of your team will leave you in need of replacements.
  • You’re nearing a new milestone in asset size and find you need to create additional positions to support continued growth.
  • One or more employees have too many responsibilities, and it’s now time to split up roles into additional positions.
  • Steady growth now requires the addition of positions in risk management, digital strategy, marketing, accounting, technology or lending.

Timing is Everything

Hiring timelines vary based on each individual situation, so it can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to land the best-fit candidate for a position. Squandering the final weeks of the year just to wait for the mythical clean slate of the new year means you’re setting your goals back that much further.

Instead, set your bank or credit union up for success in 2018 by beginning the hiring process today, either independently or with a trusted recruiter. JMFA Recruitment Services has a vast network of over 85,000 professionals who may be looking to make their own fresh start in 2018. Whether you’re searching for a C-level executive, a non-managerial professional, a specialist for an existing department or a temp-to-hire staffer, JMFA can find a candidate to help you reach your goals and transition seamlessly into your company’s culture. And that is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

To get started today, simply call one of our recruiting specialists at 866-264-5017 or complete our short online contact form.


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