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CUInsight Network Podcast: Overdraft Solutions


We are all in a transition phase where priorities continue to change. As we are coming out of the pandemic, more members are asking how credit unions can help. The reality is that overdraft solutions provide a critical service that members need. In this interview with CUInsight, Cheryl Lawson, JMFA’s EVP of Compliance Review, shares some valuable points on delivering knowledge to members, what a responsible compliance program looks like and how credit unions must be responsive to be successful. She also covers overdraft litigation and tips on how credit unions can remain relevant. Plus, you’ll also learn more about Cheryl during Randall Smith’s rapid-fire questions. 

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Episode Highlights 

1:00  Introduction, inspiration, and background

1:58  Adding value to credit unions

4:05  What responsible compliance looks like 

5:43  How communicating with members is different today

8:48  Litigation risks and how to avoid them

12:20  Trends and future focuses

15:50  How credit unions are staying relevant

17:16  Rapid fire questions

20:14  Final thoughts

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