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John Neely - Regional Director

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Telephone: (310) 748-1023

John joined JMFA with more than 30 years of sales and consulting experience in the financial services industry. His background includes leadership positions in the sales and marketing of revenue generation, risk management, information technology, process management and other mission-critical banking and credit union functions. Prior to joining JMFA, John was associated with Wolf & Company, RLR Management Consulting, RSM McGladrey, Inc. and the California Bankers Association, where he served as vice president of member services. He has also served on the Western Independent Bankers Association compliance committee. John also held management positions at Wells Fargo Bank and California Federal Bank. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville, School of Business.

Territories: CA



“What I like best about the program is that it is a win win on both sides. Members receive something of value, while FPCU receives additional income.”

— Lori Reeves, Senior Vice President
Financial Partners Credit Union
Downey, CA


“We appreciated the information they gave us to inform the members about the program and how to do it in line with regulations. The guidelines are changing every day, and when I read about a new regulation, it’s safe to say that JMFA has already incorporated that information into its program.”

— Linda White, Chief Executive Officer
United Health Credit Union
Burlingame, CA


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