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Brad Davis - Regional Director

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Telephone: (615) 339-3026

Brad brings to JMFA more than 30 years of sales and client retention success in the financial services industry, primarily serving bank clients in the southeastern United States. Brad’s comprehensive experience ranges from client prospecting to transaction processing, and all the in between steps of the client journey. Both a producer and a collaborator, Brad has consistently exceeded sales quotas and goals. Tech-savvy, Brad was involved early in the Internet’s impact on banking, and has had direct experience with the industry’s transformation through software, eCommerce and mobile banking.

Prior to joining JMFA, Brad held senior sales executive positions at Fiserv and FIS, providing account processing, check, ACH, and card payment processing services.  Based in Nashville, Brad will focus on working with banks and credit unions in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky to help them achieve their goals. Brad earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Territories: KY, TN, WV



“We looked for honesty in presentation early on and you supplied it. We looked for fairness for our members and your product has proven to be just that. Many members have expressed thanks for the ODP offering. They tell us that it demonstrated that we are willing to help members in need and save them money as well. The contribution to our bottom line has been amazing at over 130% net increase. We are indeed serving a need that we had not perceived.”

— John E. Brubaker, President
Members Heritage Federal Credit Union
Lexington, KY


“Overall, I must say this has been a very good partnership and my only regret is that we waited so long to decide to offer this product. We researched many companies offering this service and found your name and program consistently at the top of the list. The collection software you provided is fantastic. It allows us to keep a close eye on our overdrawn members to help them when needed and it allows us to better control our losses.”

— Lisa Baxter, Manager of Member Services
Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union
Alcoa, TN

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