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We know your challenges are many. Increasing account holder loyalty in order to retain and grow business. Keeping employees satisfied to avoid turnover that can lead to account holder frustration. Providing the right services to account holders to improve competitiveness. Staying current on compliance issues in a changing time to avoid unnecessary risk. Driving revenue and the bottom line while balancing all of the above. Watch this video to see the reactions we’ve received from banks and credit unions like yours that have experienced results that far exceeded their expectations after implementing JMFA Overdraft Privilege®.

LET US MAKE a believer out of you

You might be skeptical of a new overdraft solution. We’ve had clients in your shoes. In fact, here are some recent stories shared by previously skeptical clients that might inspire you to make a change and become a believer yourself.

Skepticism quickly turned to satisfaction

For years, this client used a third-party vendor to manage their overdraft program. Initially, they experienced good results and a boost in revenue. However, after several years, they experienced a consistent decline in performance—a double-digit drop in income. Being skeptical of another vendor to turn their downward trend around, they wondered what could we do that they weren’t already doing themselves.

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The president of this institution couldn’t believe that communication materials and employee training could make that much of a difference to their overdraft program results — but they did. Along with the technology, advice, compliance guidance and recommendations JMFA offered along the way from the initial conversations through implementation to monthly monitoring and fine-tuning, this institution experienced myriad positive results.

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For even more inspiration, read what this client recently shared in his recommendation letter. Or, share a little inspiration of your own. We’re all ears when it comes to your success.

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We stand ready to make a believer out of you.