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ValueBank Texas Case Study

JMFA provides value for ValueBank
Utilizing Nationwide Recruiting Resources Greatly Enhances Bank’s Hiring Options

ValueBank Texas was chartered in 1966, and first opened under the name Texas State Bank in 1967. To reflect the bank’s image in the community and its vision, to be South Texas’ first choice in community banking, the name was changed to ValueBank Texas in 1998. The bank has $200M in assets and is headquartered in Corpus Christi, with locations in Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Orange Grove, Port Aransas, Portland, Richmond, Rockport and Tomball.

Bank’s strategic growth leads to CFO search

As banks strive to be successful in today’s ever-changing business environment, finding the right fit for important management and operations positions is essential. ValueBank Texas knew this all too well as they searched for a new CFO in late 2012. “Our efforts to utilize newspaper advertising, local networking and candidate referrals did not give us a sense that we were going down the right path for finding the perfect candidate to fit our strategic needs,” said ValueBank President and CEO Scott Heitkamp.

While serving on the IBAT Services Board, Heitkamp discovered that JMFA was an IBAT-endorsed service provider of recruitment services. He was aware of JMFA through association connections and from implementing the company’s process improvement products. After learning that JMFA had national recruiting network capabilities, niche-focused exclusively to the Financial Services arena at the executive level, Heitkamp decided to see what they might do to help ValueBank with its search for a CFO.

Expansive, specialized network provides high-level candidates

During the initial meeting with JMFA, the light came on for Heitkamp that having access to a national recruiting network was exactly what the bank needed for accessing the type of highly sought-after candidates that the bank needed to fill key positions. “We had used local recruiting resources in the past but they didn’t have connections with talent in other markets and were not focused specifically on finding candidates with the type of banking expertise we needed,” he said. After discussing the type of candidates he was looking for with JMFA search directors, he believed that they were able to see the big picture of what the bank was trying to accomplish through the recruiting process.

“JMFA understood the urgency of our CFO search and got to work right away,” he continued. “As part of their Retained Search process, they asked a lot of questions about our strategic goals and our culture, and provided a customized hiring plan and search option to secure the right candidate.

In-depth process leads to successful results

According to Heitkamp, another search characteristic that set JMFA apart from other recruiters he had used in the past was that JMFA did all of the heavy lifting. “We really appreciated JMFA’s taking the lead and moving the process forward,” he said. “And while they were quick to complete the process, they were very thorough and provided an excellent profile of every candidate they presented for us to consider.

Recruiting from a candidate’s perspective

For Seth Watts, ValueBank’s new CFO, working with JMFA provided a new perspective of working with a specialized search firm. “When I was looking for a job, several recruiters called me but they didn’t put a lot of effort into the interview process. JMFA’s search directors spent a lot of time to make sure that I was the right fit for ValueBank and that the job was the right one for me,” he said.

Excellent results lead to on-going business relationship

Heitkamp was very pleased with the results of JMFA’s efforts in finding Seth to fill the CFO position. “JMFA lived up to its end of the agreement from start to finish and provided the right candidate for the job within the timeframe we had established,” he explained. “With Seth in place, I am able to get to things I wasn’t able to do before. He has taken on an important role and has the ability to lead the bank for a long time to come.” Because of the successful results of the CFO recruitment process, ValueBank utilized JMFA’s Contingency Search capabilities to identify exceptional talent for four key positions to support its growth plan. And ValueBank continues looking to JMFA for additional recruiting services. “We have enjoyed working with JMFA and appreciate very much that they have opened up a whole new playing field to help us bring in quality staffing to take the bank to the next level,” Heitkamp concluded.

About JMFA

JMFA is a leading provider of profitability and performance-improvement consulting. For more than 35 years, JMFA has been recognized as one of the most trusted names in the industry, helping financial institutions reach their goals. JMFA is recognized for earnings enhancement and expense control programs, executive placement, as well as product, service, pricing and technology-improvement consulting. Simply stated, JMFA’s programs and services are designed to increase income or reduce expenses. JMFA is proud to be a preferred provider for performance-enhancement consulting services among many industry groups.

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