Success Stories

“Thanks to JMFA’s fully transparent disclosures and ongoing communications resources, members have more confidence in what the overdraft service offers. As a result, more are inclined to consider the program as an option to support their financial security.” —Plus4 Credit Union, Vladimir Stark, CEO Learn More

Success Stories

“They made it easy. We got better pricing—much more than if we’d done it ourselves.” —Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union, Darryl Long, CEO Learn More

Success Stories

“We’re not the experts on overdraft, JMFA is. It’s our largest source of non-interest income — why not remain partnered with the experts and keep that income steady?” —The Bank of Marion, Chris Snodgrass, CFO Learn More

Success Stories

“Obviously, JMFA knows what they’re doing. They had a firm grasp of what each line item should cost, they knew where to push, and they knew where to let go so we could get a better deal on other items.” —Washington Savings Bank, David Doedtman, President and CEO Learn More

JMFA Next Generation Overdraft Privilege®

Delivers for you and your account holders


Average Lift in Revenue Achieved by Our Clients


Customized Installations Across the United States


Compliance Guarantee

Banking & Credit Union Consulting Services

Overdraft Program Consulting

With JMFA NEXT GENERATION OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE®, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow—because our experts are working diligently today to address ongoing developments related to compliance regulations, UDAAP concerns and susceptible practices, technological advances and account holder preferences. The result: a continuously evolving overdraft program with innovative features and real-time updates that help you maximize results.

Vendor Contract Negotiations

With JMFA Contract Optimizer, you have nothing to lose but high contract costs. Community banks and credit unions are discovering it’s possible to grow their bottom line without slashing budgets, increasing fees or reducing services. Often big savings can be found through simple solutions, like negotiating your service contracts with an expert by your side.

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Upcoming Events

Webinar: Extended Coverage

Ensure your account holders have all the information needed to decide whether Extended Overdraft Privilege is right for them.

Webinar: Tracking Document Review Workshop

Identify specific areas for program improvement with a one-on-one review of program reporting and gain insights to program results.

Webinar: Overdraft Privilege Communication Workshop

Improve communication with account holders by learning how to effectively discuss the service and reinforce key compliance principles.