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Turning Potential into Stronger Performance for Credit Unions & Banks

You run the day-to-day business with proficiency. But now it’s time to look toward tomorrow. To the long-term health and viability of your financial institution. But who has time for that? Let JMFA be your guide and assist you with reaching your long-term goals.

We pave the way by providing an objective assessment to offer a clear view of the path your bank or credit union needs to take to prosper and grow. Whether it is evaluating your current strategic plan, helping you establish sound corporate governance, reviewing leadership and management development or evaluating succession plans—we can help you get there easier.

Strategic Planning - An ever-changing marketplace means continually examining new ways of doing business. We’ll look at your existing practices and offer strategies and specific steps to put you on track for the best possible results.

Corporate Governance - Best practices start in the boardroom. We’ll help you establish and implement the governing principles and procedures that are the foundation for a successful organization.

Management Development & Succession Planning - Maintaining quality leadership is essential to your long-term success. We’ll help you establish a well-thought-out succession plan that ensures a steady, focused organization, with top talent at the helm.

Organizational Health - Good organizations achieve greatness in a culture that values innovation, teamwork and accountability. We’ll work with you to develop an action plan that eliminates obstacles to individual performance and taps the full potential of your workforce.

After assessing your needs, we provide detailed recommendations and share best practices to help you reach your ultimate long-term goals. But we don’t stop there. We stick by your organization through implementation, monitoring and fine-tuning to ensure 100% satisfaction and 100% goal attainment.

It helps to have a guide that has experience with organizations of just about any size, structure and approach to doing business. Call 800-809-2307 to schedule a visit with one of our specialists or to find a representative close to you.


JMFA’s team of consultants will provide you with business strategies and best practices to help you achieve peak performance in areas that include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Management Development & Succession Planning
  • Organizational Health
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