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Spring is Here: It’s Time for Some Improvement Projects

by: Ron Jennings- Executive Vice President

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According to Lou Holtz – renowned football  coach, analyst, author and motivational speaker –  “In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow.”  In today’s competitive business environment those words are just as true for financial institutions as they are for aspiring gridiron athletes.  Maintaining consistent, healthy growth often requires making changes to legacy processes and taking a hard look at how you address challenges and opportunities. Learn how assessing your institution’s foundation and implementing process improvements can enhance long-term growth. 

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Reviewing Vendor Contracts Can Yield Big Results

Reviewing Vendor Contracts Can Yield Big Results

By Kelly Flynn


Too often, when financial institutions are dealing with economic challenges and uncertainty about how to maintain a strong bottom line, many resort to drastic cost-cutting measures that can adversely affect the work environment and account holder service levels. Learn how a professional review of your current vendor contracts can uncover savings opportunities, better service terms and possible bonus incentives – without your having to change service providers.


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The Art of Combining Technology with Traditional Service Delivery

By: Mark Roe

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As consumer interest in mobile banking services increases, financial institutions are feeling pressure to implement technology-based strategies to keep up with the rapidly growing demand. But jumping into the mix without a solid internal structure in place to support the transition can be risky. Following are steps you can take to ensure your mobile strategy is successful for your account holders and a good investment for your institution’s future.

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Address Lost Revenue and Improve Service in 2016 with a Proven Overdraft Program

As financial institutions continue to look for ways to be successful, economic and regulatory challenges – along with new technologies and service initiatives – can cause leadership to rethink how time and resources should be spent. Learn how providing a proven, reliable financial safety net can strengthen account holder relationships and have a positive impact on your institution’s long-term performance.

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Act Now to Avoid a Future Talent Crisis

By: Charles Shanley, SPHR, CFS
Also featured on CU Insight

As Baby Boomers continue to retire and the improving economy increases the availability of new job opportunities, the odds of losing long-term leadership or highly-skilled personnel are on the rise. For institutions that don’t have internal bench strength or ready access to qualified candidates to fill important open positions, the future could be challenging. Learn how building and maintaining a cost-effective internal training strategy and well-thought out succession plan can infuse your institution with the talent you need to succeed.

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