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Performance Enhancement Consulting

 Efficient Processes, New Revenue
Opportunities and Bottom-line Results Await.

To give your bank or credit union an advantage in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market, it is essential to accelerate growth, increase revenues, streamline processes and control expenses.

That’s where the industry expertise of JMFA comes in. Our consultants take an objective look at where you currently are, what you can improve, and how you can do it. At JMFA, we follow an in-depth, strategic process that begins with listening to your challenges and goals, as well as gathering input from every individual in your organization. We look at everything from evaluating your strategic plan and corporate governance to operational workflows, personnel and expenditures, assisting you with answering questions such as:

  • Are we offering the right mix of products and services?
  • Do we have the best fee strategy in place?
  • Could we benefit from a process improvement study?
  • Do we need an organizational overhaul?
  • Are we overstaffed or understaffed?
  • Is there a solution for our high turnover?
  • Are there a better technologies and systems that we may be overlooking?
  • What can an expense management study do for us?
  • Are there any missed sources of non-interest income, or other growth opportunities?
  • Do we have effective corporate governance policies in place?
  • How can we ensure we have a succession plan that will work?

We’ll advise you on everything from successful business strategies to revenue enhancement programs to best practices for your bank or credit union's business structure. Plus, we’ll provide a business process improvement plan to help reengineer your company and eliminate costly inefficiencies.

Not only will we recommend ways to achieve better efficiency ratios, find new revenue opportunities and maintain a healthier bottom line, we’ll also lead the charge. While you focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, our consultants work alongside your staff to help put our recommendations into practice. We also follow up once the changes have been made, fine-tuning as needed to deliver the results you expect. Implementation — it’s what sets JMFA apart.

Discover how you can streamline your business operations, increase revenue, reduce excess and offer more to your account holders with JMFA. Why wait? Get started and contact us to discuss your goals with one of our specialists.


If Your Goal Is Achieving Maximum Financial Performance, See How We Can Help.

"We expected an increase in our non-interest income, improved operational efficiencies and customer service, and JMFA met our expectations."

President, Northeaster Financial Institution

"JMFA’s recommendations have played a major part in improving efficiencies and putting us in a good position to continue making positive progress. I would completely recommend the process for anyone who is serious about putting their organization on track to be successful going forward."

CEO, Southwestern Financial Institution

"You can’t communicate enough the need for everyone – from the Board, Senior Management and on down through the ranks – to be on board and ready to change. It can be uncomfortable at times, but JMFA will give you the tools you need to realize what they initially estimated can be accomplished."

President, Northeastern Financial Institution

"JMFA is an exceptional firm that has helped us accomplish things we didn’t think were possible. They have made a big impact on our success."

Chief Financial Officer, Mid-Atlantic Financial Institution
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