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High Operating Expenses Don’t Necessarily Lead to Better Service

By Jan Southern, Senior Consultant

Reaching performance goals in today’s competitive landscape requires fresh ideas and the ability to adapt as a cohesive organization, armed with a full knowledge of current strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. If you are relying on an old strategic plan – or basing decisions on whatever seems right at the time – you’re probably missing out on performance-changing opportunities. Learn how to move ahead decisively, unify your workforce and avoid unnecessary enterprise risk with a fresh look at your strategic plan.

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Culture Shock: Hiring New Leadership Can Make or Break Your Culture

By Charles Shanley, SPHR, CFS, Executive Vice President, Recruitment Services

While every financial institution faces its own unique set of obstacles, there is one challenge that can send even the most successful organization into a tailspin: failing to hire new leadership that is consistent with the existing culture in the event of the departure of a long-time
executive. Learn why placing too much emphasis on skills and experience alone during a leadership search is not the best strategy, and discover the steps you can take to find the candidate who matches your institution’s culture and shares your philosophy for success.

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Hi-Tech Services Could Fall Flat Without Proper Planning and Support
By Jan Southern, Senior Consultant

There is no doubt that technology is playing a more integral role in how consumers access financial services today. As a result, financial institutions are feeling increased pressure to offer mobile and digital-based banking products to remain competitive. But rushing to implement the latest cutting-edge services without the proper planning, preparation and support can be costly and may not adequately address the needs of your account holders. To avoid awkward missteps, consider these guidelines for rolling out successful hi-tech products.


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Failure to Renegotiate Card Contracts Has Consequences
By Kelly Flynn, National Sales Director

As the October deadline approaches for transitioning to new, more secure EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) debit and credit cards, many financial institutions are concerned about the time and expense that will be required to reissue new cards to their account holders. In reality, this deadline provides a tremendous opportunity to renegotiate debit and credit card, and card processing contracts to make sure your institution is getting the very best price, terms and services from your current vendors. In addition to providing your account holders with the latest in card fraud protection, learn how a contract review and renegotiation and benefit your bottom line.


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Tips for Keeping New Employees Happy and Productive After They're in Place
By Charles Shanley, SPHR, CFS, Executive Vice President, Recruitment Services

Maintaining a staff of qualified, highly motivated employees is key to remaining successful in today’s competitive marketplace. And while financial institutions realize the importance of focusing time and resources on recruiting and hiring the best possible candidates, many lose sight of the steps necessary to keep new employees happy and productive after they are in place. Learn how an effective on-boarding program can ensure that your new hires feel immediately at home in an unfamiliar work environment and provide them with the tools they need to transition into productive team members from their first day on the job.


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